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Private Lessons

Vertical Fitness offers private lessons in all of our available subjects including Pole Fitness, Aerial Hoop, General Fitness (with weights, bands, and the pole!) Professional Entertainment Consultations, and Routine Building for private, special or professional events. Routines can include the pole, chair, hoop and general dance. If you are just starting out and don't have a preferred instructor yet, we will set your appointment with the instructor available at the time you request. If you're a seasoned poler and have a particular instructor in mind, no problem! We will work out an appointment time that works with both your schedule, and the schedule of that instructor. There is an additional charge for the setup of this option to accomodate the instructors & coordinators time. Our private lesson prices are as follows:

Private Lesson with Instructor (our choice based on availability) Non-Members, 1 Hour: $65. 3 pack: $165. 5 pack: $275

Private Lesson with Specific Instructor, Non-Members, 1 Hour: $75. 3 pack: $195. 5 pack: $300

Members Private Lessons with Instructor, our choice, 1 hour: $50. 3 pack: $135. 5 pack: $200

Members Private Lessons with Specific Instructor: $60. 3 pack: $150. 5 pack: $250

Semi Privates, 2-5 students: call for specific, customized rates

In-Home Private Lessons, one person: $100 per hour, must have a ceiling height of 12 feet, includes travel and set-up fees.

There are no refunds given for any private lesson scheduled and then cancelled within 48 hours of the appointed time. Private Lessons must be paid in advance.

SPECIALTY PRIVATE LESSONS: (rates may vary/differ)