Angela Stoltzfus

My name is Angela and I'm 44 years old. My dance experience prior to pole consists of a couple months of ballet/tap when I was 12.  Growing up I was chronically clumsy and awkward.  I started going to pole classes at Vertical Fitness in the summer of 2012.  At the time I was 175 pounds, bored with lifting weights at the gym, and looking to bring a little sexy back. I signed up with a Groupon and was going to just do the stretching classes to start out, since I was a little embarrassed to try the pole classes. My schedule would not permit me to attend any class except pole, so I showed up to my first pole class. I arrived to the first class a little early and sat in the parking lot and watched some of the fit women arrive and go inside. I thought I had made a mistake. But I was committed to at least try it, so I went inside. I was determined to give what I could, whatever that was, that day.  What I found was an atmosphere of no judgement, it didn't matter what size I was, it didn't matter that I was older than most of them, everyone was working on improving a technique or a move and I was just at the beginning. I found I could do a couple moves on the first day and wanted to learn more. I just wanted to feel beautiful and sexy again. At each class, I saw improvement, sometimes very little, sometimes a lot, in strength, in technique, and I was having a blast doing it.

I started to lose weight and saw definition showing on my shoulders and arms.  I started to be able to do moves that, at the beginning, I could never have imagined I would be able to do. There will never be a shortage of more challenging moves to master, I'm always working on at least one (or a long Christmas list of moves).  

I was asked to be a teacher in 2015 and I was excited and thankful for the chance to share my love of this beautiful, creative, sexy art form with others.  I Love pole.

Forever getting my sexy on!