Martina Walker

Martina Walker


Hello, I’m Martina and I started teaching at VFS in 2015. I am always excited to

share my love of pole with others. My favorite part about being an instructor is

watching students grow stronger and more confident.

My personal background: I was born in the Bay Area and grew up in Reno, NV. I

earned my Bachelors in Animal Science & Management from UC Davis in 2007. I

have three jobs!!

I am a pole instructor, a Perfectly Posh consultant, and an office

manager for my husbands cellular corporation. I would love to go back to working

at the animal hospital as well. My hobbies include reading and dancing. I have

danced (jazz) at the Dance Gallery 2 since 2011. I love animals and currently have 6

of them, 4 cats and 2 dogs. I have two kids, a 15.5-year-old boy and a 5.5-year-old

girl. They both enjoy practicing pole, although I am envious that they are fearless

and strong from the get go! My life is very busy and I feel that I never have enough

time. With that being said, I find it extremely important to keep poling. Teaching

and practicing pole keeps me fulfilled and happy.

My pole background: My pole journey began a longggg time ago, in August of 1998.

I was in love with pole from the very first time I laid my hands on it. I had the

privilege of watching and learning the art of pole from 1998 to 2005. At that time,

there were no pole studios, in home poles or spinning poles, everything I had ever

learned was self-taught on a static 50mm brass. I learned by observing others and

practicing....a lot!!

I left the pole world for 7 years and I can tell you that it felt like I was missing a piece

of myself. I would even have dreams about it!! In 2012, I found my missing piece. A

good amount of time had passed and pole had become semi mainstream. There

were pole studios, in home poles, and a pole community made up of thousands of

women and men that had the same love of pole and aerial as I did. Needless to say, I

was ecstatic.

I hopped right back in!! It was then that I met my “pole wife”, Laura (who is also an

instructor here at VFS). She was one of my very first pole friends. The pole

community is such an amazing group of people. A community that encourages,

challenges and inspires you. A group where you can be whatever you feel that day

and you won’t be judged.

I am so happy that I found VFS and had the opportunity to make a difference in

students’ lives. It’s an honor to help people see their selves in a better way, stronger

and more confident both inside and out. To be a part of their journey is priceless.

My pole advice: Never ever give up and never compare yourself to others. Pole is

your own journey. It is unique to YOU. Stay persistent. Stick with it and you will

develop your own style and do things that you never thought possible.