Pole Dancing Classes


VERTICAL VIRGINS - (Beginner Pole)

Call up your girlfriends and come see what the latest fuss is all about!! Vertical Fitness Studio offers this fun and exciting class that will introduce you to the basics of the Pole. You will learn approx. 20 basic moves, transitions, fillers, and a spin or two all incorporated into a fun, sexy routine. Come and experience the latest craze and it will leave you craving for more!!

CHROME KITTENS (Intro to Pole Level 2)

Learn cool pole tricks and spins to suit your experience level. This class is different from Vertical Virgins in that it is not routine based, but concentrates more on trick knowledge. Ability levels will vary based on strength, flexibility, and experience.



If you have been coming to "Vertical Velvets" - Intermediate Level 2 for quite some time and are ready to take it to the next level, then this class is for YOU. This class is for the Pole Fitness student that has gained greater strength, flexibility, coordination and determination from all prior class types. Advanced Tricks and Spins will be introduced and mastered.

SEXY FLEXY (All Levels)

Flexibility is a key pillar of overall well-being, health, body alignment, and symmetry.

This is the perfect class to compliment any sexy workout!

Is your back~bend lacking some bendy~ness? Or maybe you just need to loosen up those tight muscles and tension while working towards those ever elusive splitz!

This 55-minute, all-level class will focus on stretching and flexibility training, in addition to introducing twirls and basic pole moves that will show off the new, more flexible sexy you in Stiletto's! Stretching regularly increases your range of motion, which will make everything you do, both on and off the pole, more graceful! Stretching also prevents injury and conditions your body for any athletic activity! So don't be shy, ladies! Bring those leg warmers, heels and get your Sexy Flexy on!


Want to learn how to ooze sex appeal like a Video Vixen? This class will show you how- in Stilettos!! You will dance in stilettos and strut your stuff while learning sexy, sensual, and hard hitting choreographed moves to give you the ultimate pole dance workout. This class will teach you how to feel sexy, confident and great about yourself on/around the pole! All levels welcome.

VERTICAL SIRENS (intro to "spinning" pole)

This class is super fun!! Ever watch a Pole Dancing competition and wonder "How did they do that??" You will work muscles that you never even knew existed. A minimum of 3 tricks/spins will be introduced in each class focusing on proper hand placement, body alignment, and technique. At the end of class your new moves will be put together into a mini choreographed routine!! Woot Woot!! Heels are optional but are fun to use for climbing in that they help to grip the pole :)

POLE FLOW: Combining floor and aerial work with a focus on personal style and improvisation.

Detailed description: If you have been going to vertical virgins or chrome kittens for a while, think of this class as a mixture of the two. We take a basic routine and stress finding a personal dancing style, work on creativity by applying improv, and most importantly, give you a good workout.

DIVA DANCING (Pole to a choreographed routine)

Don’t miss this EXCITING opportunity to strut your stuff, flip your hair and command a stage like the stars! Learn a routine to a different song every week! Heels optional.

daring_doubles_picDARING DOUBLES

In this class you learn to not only hold your own weight, but someone else's! Daring Doubles is a great new way to experience pole fitness and it is a whole lot of fun! This class requires a lot of strength, so Intermediate and Advanced students only.


Come try out our newest class!! Get your "sexy" back and learn some new exotic moves both on the floor and maybe using the pole as a prop! Who doesn't want to learn sensual booty moves/body rolls, cat~like crawls, and various HOT body movements that will ad a touch of seduction!? As you learn how to exotic dance and take a fun sexy workout, you will also come in contact with a growing community of fabulous, like-minded powerful women who, by getting in touch with their sexy side, are empowering their lives. We offer this to you in a fun, safe, supportive, non-judgmental environment where we are all different ages, shapes and sizes. All levels welcome. Heels optional.



This time is designed for you to come in the classroom and practice what you have been learning in your Pole Dancing classes. Your instructor will be on standby and function as your coach in helping you with any moves you find challenging in class.

Already a dancer? Don't need help?? Come in and practice what you wish!! Great opportunity to work on any upcoming Pole Fitness Competitions!!