The Experience

My own pace in a great space.

VWR_5536Your pole dancing exercise routine at Vertical Fitness Studio is designed specifically for you. Can’t do a certain move? No problem, we’ll find one that works. Want to wear jeans or go barefoot? It’s your choice. Have those special high heels – bring em on.

Vertical Fitness Studio is the ultimate in "one-on-one" pole dance instruction, where, regardless of the number of students, you get a personal trainer without the personal trainer price. Centrally located in Roseville just off of Highway 80, our studio has plenty of space so you'll never feel crowded.

Unlike other programs, the Vertical Fitness routines are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. It’s a high energy pole fitness program that takes dance to the next level with fun, fantasy and the ultimate personal fulfillment!

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We have daytime, evening, weekend sessions every day, so schedule your session with Valerie NOW!

Our studio has 9 spinning/static poles manufactured by Platinum Stages™.