Student of the Month

My name is Amy Fields, I am a 26 year-old recent Sacramento State graduate from the Placerville area. I have always been an active person who has tried just about every type of workout and diet you could imagine. It wasn't until I discovered pole dancing that I started to have success with my personal weight loss. I have been doing pole fitness for 9 months and have been doing aerial hoop for 5 months. I fell in love with this studio after 2 weeks of taking their classes. I first heard about pole dancing by reading various websites online and through mutual friends who claimed that pole fitness is the best workout for your upper body. So I figured I'd try it and see how I liked it. It was about a month into pole dancing when I started to notice the results in my body. Not only did I have overall improved strength and flexibility, but I was doing certain positions with my body that I didn't think I was capable of.

Aerial hoop was a different type of challenge for my body. It really focuses on engaging the muscles of your back and arms. It is very acrobatic, so at first glance I was scared of trying it because you are up 4 feet in the air, on a metal hoop, wrapped in athletic tape. It's scary! Especially when you are not super secure in the positions yet and you attempt going upside down or hanging by an arm or leg. No worries though, there is always an instructor there to spot you so you are less concerned about the fear of falling.

All the instructors at Vertical Fitness rock and are awesome. They all motivate, push and challenge you to do your best. If it wasn't for some of the instructors and people who workout there I probably wouldn't be as far along in the program as I am today. I definitely wouldn't enjoy the workout environment as much without my pole family cheering me on.

After reading this I hope you are still interested in trying Vertical Fitness and if you are, here are some things to keep handy. 1) Ibuprofen, to help with pain and soreness. 2) Epsom salt, for a hot bath to help with being sore and for the bruises all over your body. Remember what they say no pain, no gain. And in this case the pain of pole fitness is definitely worth the gain!