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Policies and FAQ


*Classes are not suitable for pregnant women who have never poled before, as with any exercise routine.

*Please do not apply any lotions/oils on the day of your class.

*No rings, bracelets, or watches. Please remove prior to start of class.

*There is no nudity allowed, but in some performances you might see pasties. Please be respectful.

*Please arrive 5-10 minutes early in order to allow time for signing of waivers and payment processing, if one has not already done so. We do not allow late entry to classes.

*There are no refunds or make-up sessions allowed for any/all services rendered without 48 hours notice.

*We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

*There is a $30.00 processing fee for all returned checks.

*Must be 18 or older to participate, unless parent or guardian approves and signs your waiver in person, on your first day.

*There is a late fee of $25 for every 15 minutes on all parties.

If you have any worries about your health or suitability for pole dancing we recommend that you visit your Doctor for advice.


As with any sport there is always the danger of getting hurt. It is very important that you show up to class ON TIME so you can be taken through a warm up and stretches to help reduce the risk of strains and sprains. There is also a risk of bruising, especially when you first start. Once you get used to the moves, and you're able to relax, the bruising will lessen.


When it comes to pole dance classes, it’s always good to remember that you will be in a shared environment, and that your teacher may have special rules about how to dress. The guidelines that follow should be appropriate in any class, but discuss any concerns with your teacher.  Please review our Frequently Asked Questions below for more information.


What are the benefits of taking Pole Fitness Classes?

Pole Dancing for Fitness provides all the benefits of other fitness regimes including but not limited to: increased cardio capacity, muscular strength, and endurance, as well as confidence, empowerment and a little sexy if you choose. This is a place to just let loose, be yourself, build relationships, all while getting fit and having fun!


I have never done this type of exercise before, will I be ok?

No worries! We have classes designed for all- regardless of size, shape, age, or fitness level.


Is Pole Dancing Difficult?

We create the moves to fit your fitness level! Can't do a certain move? No problem! We have options. Pole Dancing requires agility, balance, a positive attitude and a willingness to learn.  Your strength (inner and outer) will come with time and practice!


How many people can attend a class?

We have 9 poles at the studio. Classes are limited to 17 students so there are never more than two per pole at any given time. *For our parties there is is a max. occupancy of 24.


I am shy/nervous/embarrassed...

Trust me you are not alone! We have created a positive, motivating environment for you.  We are here to support you and most people feel comfortable about half way through their first class. No worries- this is FUN!

I have sweaty hands, help! What can I do?

You are not alone! Many people realize they have sweaty hands when they start pole. Thankfully there are a variety of grip aids available to help you stick. We sell several in store, including Dry Hands, Grrrip, Tite Grip, Mighty Grip, & Firm Grip. We are always trying new ones to make sure we have the best selection, so if you like one we don't have, let us know! If your hands seem excessively sweaty, we recommend talking to your doctor about options for hyperhydrosis. One of our owners did this, and now her hands are perfectly dry!


Are there weight restrictions?

Women & men of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels take our classes! We have yet to meet a size we can't accomodate. If you have a specific concern, do not hesistate to call & ask.


Are we allowed to view or preview classes?

Due to our respect for students privacy and comfortability, we can not allow spectators.

What should I wear?

Many of the pole dancing moves requires you to grip the pole with your skin. It is this friction that stops you from falling, so you will need bare arms and legs. You can warm up in either bare feet, or socks. No outside shoes on the dance floor please. 

Shorts, Skorts, or mid length yoga~type pants combined with a form fitting sports bra, tank top or T-shirt are best. However, we suggest you wear what ever you feel most comfortable in.

Long pants are fine for warm ups and cool downs, some transitions and floor work, but are not appropriate attire for advanced spins or inverts. Shorts are best in order to allow yourself sufficient skin grip.

*For upper level classes shorts are a must!


We ask that you to train barefoot, or in socks. Heels that haven't been worn outside are always optional and we leave it to you to decide. You can bring your own (clean, not used outside) or we have loaners for you to try. Dancing while barefoot is different from moving with shoes or boots, and it’s good to know what to expect. (not everyone can do high heels, for example),


This is a serious DON’T. It doesn’t matter how dry your skin is or how nasty the weather is, good students do not moisturize on the days they head to class. Moisturizers can leave a slippery film on poles and put you – and everyone else in the class – at risk for falling. It also increases the frustrations of new students because being slippery makes learning moves nearly impossible. If you have problems with dry skin, call us for tips and suggestions of products we use to stay moisturized and not slippery!


You MUST take off any rings, bracelets and anklets. You don’t want your jewelry damaged from being banged against the pole, we don't want our poles damaged by your jewelry, and often jewelry can cause injury to the wrists, hands and fingers. Loose-fitting bracelets and necklaces should also be taken off before class. Cloth/leather/other soft jewelry & Qalo rings are ok.

Hair clips:

If you have long hair, you may find it easier to concentrate if you clip it back or tie it in a pony tail. But if it doesn’t get in your way, long hair can be a very sexy prop while pole dancing!!

What should I bring?

Please bring a towel, shorts, any grip aids you prefer, and either a water bottle or sports drink.  There are no water fountains at the studio (bummer!) but we do have bottled water for sale if you forget.


What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept MasterCard/Visa/AMEX, checks and cash. There is a $30 returned check fee for any check that does not go through. With our Autopay system, we must have 2 weeks notice for any cancellation. Any Autopay that does not process will also be subjected to the check fee of $30.