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Jenn Riggs

Jennifer has always been willing to try new things, so when she saw an online ad for Vertical Fitness she decided to give it a try. After three classes in August of 2012 she was hooked and was soon coming to classes as many times as she could.

"When I started I had a hard time believing that I could get good enough to do all of the difficult moves I saw more advanced students doing. But I stuck with it and I'm amazed at how pole fitness has given me strength I never knew I could have and I love how it's transformed my body."

After discovering that the studio also offered aerial hoop she decided to give that a shot as well, and fell in love with the way the hoop offers so much depth of movement in such a fixed space.

"I find hoop to have a lyrical quality in that moves can be fast or slow big or small and it's so adjustable to each performers taste."

Jennifer also discovered that the pole community is one of like minded people, willing to offer help and encouragement. They're always willing to give you a 'spot' so you can work on a move you haven't quite perfected yet.

"I love how both pole fitness and aerial hoop are person based, everyone can develop their own style, be it sensual, or sporty. You are the rock star of your own dance. It also helps that I've met some awesome people, that challenge me to improve even when I think I'll never get a new move. Give it a good try, I swear you'll be hooked too."