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Class Descriptions


Vertical Virgins - Beginning Pole

This is where your pole journey begins, and where you set the foundation for all of your pole goals yet to come! We begin with a good stretch to make sure you don't pull anything, then go over proper hand placement, posture & technique. Your instructor will cover a varying mix of walks, turns, pole sits, holds from the floor, and spins, as well as demostrating their intermediate and advanced versions, so you always have something new to work on, even if you have been attending for awhile. Please make sure to bring shorts, as you will want to have skin to stick to the pole!

Vertical Sirens - Beginning Spinning Pole

Vertical Sirens is like Beginning Pole gone wild! In this class, the pin at the base of the pole comes out, and the pole moves with you, as you perform the spins and other tricks learned in static (normal) beginning pole. This adds an element of grace and unique challenge that will take even the most basic moves to the next level. You will work on increasing your hand strength by holding on for longer periods of time, as well as increasing endurance by combining as many moves as you can safely before coming down. This classes level will vary based on attendance, so you might notice some classes are harder than others, but don't worry, we won't leave anyone behind and can modify anything you need. Beginning Pole will go over the preparations for climbing and inverting, but no climbing nor inverting is allowed at this level, unless specifically requested by the attending instructor for a one time demonstration or other special circumstance. We do our best to create a distraction free learning environment for those who are truly focused on getting down the basics.

Chrome Kittens - Intermediate Pole Level 2

This is where your pole jourmey gets interesting! Moving on from walks, turns & spins, get ready to get off the ground & work on climbing, inversions, inverted holds, advanced spins and intermediate combos. The preferred prerequisite for this class is having all of your beginning spins on both sides one handed, being able to easily pull up in a climb, and having a solid invert tuck. To work on these skills, we recommend our Pole Conditioning or Climbs & Inverts classes, listed below.

Vertical Vixens - Advanced Pole Level 3

Now your pole journey is really flying high! Our most advanced class, most tricks and combos will be strictly aerial, (meaning off the ground). This is where you will learn to put together those amazing pole tricks that will wow the crowds in your future performances. Must be proficient in Levels 1 and 2 to advance to this class & have instructor & owner permission before being allowed attendance.

Pole Conditioning

Pole Conditioning will help you gain the strength, pain tolerance, technique & skin conditioning needed to move on from Beginning to Intermediate (Mondays) or from Intermediate to Advanced (Fridays). The use of traditional fitness exercises such as planks, crunches, squats and push-ups, combined with extended pole holds, drops & more will help you gain the necessary requirements to levell up your pole game.

Climbs & Inverts

Come work on the 2 things everyone who starts poling wants to learn! Climbing and inversions! This class will focus on the many different kinds of climbs (standard, side, mermaid, Veena and more) as well as core strength conditioning to get into your inverts properly, & then explore basic inverted holds. Every week, we focus on 3 different moves, and build on ones we have learned in the past.

Slow Flow

Learn how to move slow and controlled, using slow music to focus on strength and grace. From extended holds, to varying sets of beginner combo spins and moves, Slow Flow will build strength and the controlled gracefulness you are looking for.

Voluptuous Vixens Plus Size Pole

Pole dancing is for everyone, regardless of size! However, many new and continuing students that fall into the plus size poler category fear they won't be strong enough, that they have to "wait til they lose some weight to try it" or that they will be intimidated by smaller pole athletes. Fear no more! This class is a body positive, judgement free space (like all of our classes) to explore pole at your own pace. Polers of any size can attend any class, but this class will be dedicated to gaining the strength, flexibility and confidence all polers need to succeed, in a friendly, welcoming, upbeat, pressure-free environment. Comfy shorts and a tank top are all you need. 

Simply Sensual & Sexy

Get your sexy back and learn new exotic moves both on the floor and using the pole! Sensual booty moves, body rolls, cat crawls, and various hot body movements will add a touch of seduction to your morning workout. As you learn exotic dance, you will also come in contact with a growing community of fabulous, like-minded individuals who, by getting in touch with their sexy side, are empowering their lives. We offer this to you in a fun, safe, supportive, non-judgmental environment where we are all different ages, shapes and sizes. All levels welcome. Heels optional but recommended

Sexy Flexy

Sexy Flexy is the perfect class to compliment any aerial workout! Is your backbend lacking some bendy? Have you always dreamed of having perfectly flat splits or even oversplits? Throughout the week, Tiffany rotates the 3 classes through Front Splits, Side Splits, Backbends & Forward Bends, using her knowledge & the power of partner stretching to acheive maximum results. In this class you will use the pole, the floor, yoga blocks, yoga balls, and even the ballet barreto perform both solo & partner stretches. Warning, if you attend this class, you will have to work with & touch your partner, so if you are nervous, bring a good friend! However, even if you come alone, once you see the benefits of partner stretches, any hesitation you might have had will melt away, just like your inflexibility. Stretching regularly increases your range of motion, which will make everything you do, both on and off the pole, more graceful! Stretching also prevents injury and conditions your body for any athletic activity!

Polesque (Pole & Burlesque Dancing)

This class description is being updated and will return shortly! Check back for more info.

Aerial Hoop

For those who are not aware, the aerial hoop (also known as "lyra" or "cerceau") is a type of performance in which an artist performs aerial acrobatics while hanging from a large metal ring about the size of a hula hoop. The aerial hoop can be used much like a static trapeze, but it's hung on a swivel and can also be swung or spun. The performer moves around the hoop while hanging in the air, performing a wide range of movements including balances, drops, and hangs. The difficulty on a lyra is making every move look effortless. It's like dance, in that most people with a reasonable level of strength & flexibility can get onto the hoop for the first time and do some of the tricks, but an experienced artist will have a wider range and do them with far more grace & style.

This weekly class teaches beginners with no prior experience the basics of aerial hoop performance in a safe & supportive setting. With the use of spotters and safety protocols, we ensure that our students are never in danger. Nevertheless, each class is very challenging and the poses and hangs create a unique demand on the body that will increase your strength, flexibility, and overall agility. Early on, instruction focuses on aerial stretching, strength-building exercises, and mount/dismount. Every class will begin with a 15-minute stretching routine to ensure students are properly warmed up and to help increase their flexibility so that in the near future they can achieve some of the more demanding poses.

Chrome Cardio Party

This High Intensity Cardio workout blends fitness concepts with top 40 hits. Each month, Jenn brings a new musical theme to distract you from the pain of the nonstop movement, core strength training & calesthenics. Bring a towel and a Party Attitude cause you are going to need it!

Open Pole Practice


This time is designed for you to come in the classroom and practice what you have been learning in your Pole Dancing classes. Your instructor will be on standby and functions as your coach/spotter in helping you with any moves you find challenging in class. Open to ALL levels Already a dancer? Don't need help? Come in and practice what you wish! This is also a great opportunity to work on any upcoming Pole Fitness Competitions or showcases!

Friday Night Open Pole Party

Come join our weekly 2 hour open pole Friday night party. Refreshments, weekly challenges and lots of pole fun, every Friday evening! Great as a pre-game activity or just something new to do to kick off the weekend!

Mommy & Me Tiny Tots Aerial

Want to have fun and get a great pole workout, but can't find a sitter? We have a solution! Bring your little one (ages 2-5) to class with you! We will start with a kid based strength warm-up, move to basic flexibility training, and then pull out all of the aerial toys and get to spinning, swinging and climbing around, all set to fun Disney music! VFS members have no charge to bring the kiddo! Come and have fun with us!

Vertical Ninjas Kid's Pole

Everything fun you love about pole, minus the adult side! We will show your kids how to spin, climb, invert and more in a fun, safe, kid friendly environment!

Hoop It Up! Kids Aerial Hoop

Is your child a daredevil? Do they love to climb to the highest heights and dangle from their various limbs? Are you looking to help them develop upper body strength, artistic movement, & confidence, as well as helping them learn to explore that daredevil side in a safe, friendly environment? Bring them to Kids Aerial Hoop, where they will work on moves like they have only ever seen in Cirque Du Soleil!