Stephanie Parker

Stephanie Parker


Here is what Steph had to say about herself!

I took my first pole dancing class in August of 2015 and immediately fell in love with the world of pole! I decided to try pole dancing because

I wanted get fit and get healthy in a fun and supportive environment. Even though I didn’t have any formal dance experience or training, I chose to engage

myself in pole because unlike a lot of ‘conventional sports’ the pole dancing women I encountered were buff, though, and super confident, which is the

change  I felt I needed!

After dancing for three years with a variety of studios and instructors, I began to develop my own style of teaching which incorporates strength

and flexibility into every class. I’m currently teaching Transitions, Choreography, Advanced Conditioning, and Pole Level 4 classes at Vertical Fitness Studio in

Roseville! If you want to have fun, dance, and get fit, join me at VFS!